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In the last 26 years, countless lives have been positively affected by our recovery experience. We specialize in emotional wellness and utilize techniques that are relevant & effective in the healing process. Our one-to-one approach allows you to truly connect with a healthier you. Many families struggle with addiction. It is our mission to provide comprehensive, individualized attention to participants and their families in an effort to positively impact future generations. Our innovative process allows each individual to have a chance at true success.


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Emotional Wellness

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Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery 6860 Brockton Ave #9 Riverside, Ca 92506

6860 Brockton Ave #9
Riverside, Ca 92506


Our Mission

Our vision is to educate, support, and guide individuals through a few of the most exciting & impressionable years of their lives. Our end objective is to aid individuals in their Healing process to become, enthusiastic and, thoughtfully prepared for  success in their communities and their world.