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Family members of an addict struggle with knowing the right approach; many times they are too close to be effective motivators of change. Allow us to motivate your loved one towards a life with emotional wellness.
A free, confidential assessment is made available to
you and your family.

-Your crisis is our priority-

Turn your rock bottom into the Solid Ground on which you build your life.

Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery works hard to provide innovative treatment programs for anyone struggling with substance abuse. Our outpatient programs are available to all individuals and are aimed towards producing the most effective results.


Contact us for a free counseling assessment or any inquiries about our Riverside, California, programs for outpatient drug treatment. Start your healing journey today.

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Riverside, Ca 92506


Our Mission

Our vision is to educate, support, and guide individuals through a few of the most exciting & impressionable years of their lives. Our end objective is to aid individuals in their Healing process to become, enthusiastic and, thoughtfully prepared for  success in their communities and their world.